Walpurgis Night in Wernigerode and Schierke

Old pagan myths say that on the night of April 30th a devil named Wotan married his love Freya on the Brocken in Schierke. Through Goethe's poetic use and incorporation of these myths into his famous play "Faust" this myth remains today.

Walpurgis events take place just about everywhere in the Harz Mountains. A current overview of all events can be found on the website of the Harz Tourism Association.

Walpurgis Night in Schierke
Every year Schierke attracts thousands of Walpurgis goers. Medieval bands and jugglers present on various stages set up for the event. Stalls sell their arts and crafts opening the Harz to a medieval spectacle. Other attractions include: archery, a medieval campsite, a viking camp, taverns, fireworks and an after-party show. For the latest news on Walpurgis in Schierke go to the website of the Schierke Tourist Information, or their Facebook page.

Walpurgis in Wernigerode
Wernigerode celebrates Walpurgis night at both the central square in the old town called "Nicolaiplatz", and at the Wernigerode Castle. A special highlight of the Walpurgis celebrations in Wernigerode is the storming of the town hall by the daft witches.

Annually on the night of April 30th


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