Tourist Tax Information

In the tourist tax consitution of Wernigerode it states in beautiful old fashioned, legal German:

"... In order to cover its expenses for the production, acquisition, expansion, improvement, renovation and maintenance of tourism facilities, the town of Wernigerode levies a tax."

We at the Wernigerode Tourist-Information office also seek to "serve" tourists and tourism in the city of Wernigerode and its surrounds. This is why we have arranged a number of special benefits to make your stay in the area more pleasant and affordable.

These offers include:
-The Harz Holiday Ticket (HATIX): offering free travel on the public transport system throughout the entire county of Harz.

-Discounted entrance fees to many museums in Wernigerode and the Harz district, discounts on purchases made in shops in Wernigerode as well as discounts at many of our restaurants and bars.

To take advantage of these offers ask the host at your place of accommodation for your tourist tax booklet called "Wernigerode ticket". The tourist tax rate is € 2.50 (including VAT/GST) per person per night. A reduction in or exemption from tourist tax payment is possible for concessions and in certain circumstances.

Please find further information about this in the tourist tax legislation of Wernigerode (german).


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