Getting married in Wernigerode

Getting married in Wernigerode has become somewhat of an institution for some. Many couples re-visit the town on their silver or golden wedding anniversaries to relive the place where they made their marriage vows.

Especially popular for civil ceremonies is the town hall with it's smaller room for 12 guests or the larger room for up to 40 guests. A civil marriage is likewise possible in Wernigerode Castle or at Schierke City Hall.

Or, if heaven on earth is for you, then marry at the Brocken summit itself. The observation deck on this highest peak of Northern Germany is an extraordinary location for your wedding.

Many hotels in Wernigerode offer wedding packages to meet the every need of you and your wedding guests. From a romantic dinner for two to a big wedding reception, or from a solitary hotel on the outskirts of the city to the 4 star (plus) hotel in the town square, anything is possible.

Please contact our civil registry office to arrange an appointment. When it comes to organizing your wedding please don't hesitate to contact us.

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