Regional Transport Bus & Train

The Harz Transport Company bus routes coupled with the railway services of VeoliaVerkehr (Harz-Elbe-Express) and German Federal Railroad (Deutsche Bahn) open up the entire region around Wernigerode to visitors.

The bus timetables connect towns and villages in the district of Harz, in what is normally one and two hour intervals. On weekends and holidays the buses run at two and three hour intervals.

The seasonal "The Ilsetaler" bus line running from Wernigerode to Drei Annen Hohne via Ilsenburg rounds off the facilities of the Harz transport services.

With the Harz holiday ticket (HATIX) the entire Harz bus network can be used free of charge. More information about the Harz holiday ticket (HATIX).

Rail services connect Wernigerode to surrounding towns such as Halberstadt and Goslar (via Vienenburg). From Halberstadt connecting trains travel to Quedlinburg/Thale and/or Blankenburg.

A ride on the Harz narrow gauge railway accesses further desirable destinations such as Schierke, Nordhausen, Stiege, Hasselfelde and Harzgerode.