Krell`s forge founded 1678

The Krell's forge was founded by Michael Krell in 1678 in what is now the historic Neustadt (new city) district of Wernigerode. Situated in an imposing half-timbered house, bearing a horse's head, at 95 Breite Street, the foundry is operational even today.

It is important to the master blacksmith Mr. Wittig that the forge is not a museum but rather a fully functional workshop. Today there are still many hand crafted products produced in the workshop including, fire baskets, accessories and products for house and garden. Many of these products can be either ordered or locally purchased. The employees of Krell's forge also run workshops for those interested in learning this ancient craft.

Opening Times:
Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5pm.

Price: entry is free

The staff of the Krell's forge enjoy showing guests examples of their craft work.

Special Events:
Try making you own forged/smithed heart as a keepsake of your weekend in the Harz mountains.

The forge has an uneven floor therefore assistance is required when using a wheelchair. It is otherwise wheelchair friendly.


Krellsche Schmiede anno 1678
Breite Stra├če 95
38855 Wernigerode
Tel. 03943 - 557373