Wonky Houses

The leaning tower of Pisa would have long since fallen over if it were as wonky as our "wonky house" in Wernigerode. The "wonky house" in Wernigerode, with it's 7 degree tilt, has almost double that of the world famous leaning tower of Pisa.

The house was built in it's current form in 1680, however it was at that time not so wonky. It was built as a treadmill for the cloth manufacturer's guild. The flow of water from what was then an open mill trench washed out the foundation wall. For this reason the east frontage of the house sank giving us our "wonky house" in Wernigerode.

Today the house is a museum and gallery. Experience the "wonky house" and test out your sense of balance.

Opening Times:
Tuesday to Sunday 11am - 5pm

Price: 1.00 €

Guided Tours:
The "wonky house" Wernigerode has tours for the public as well as private group tours on offer.

Special Offers:
The "wonky house plumbline" - is a tour of the town combined with a tour of the house itself.

The "wonky house" is not wheelchair friendly. There are steep stairs within the building and entrace area.


Wonky House Museum
Klintgasse 5
38855 Wernigerode
via Rainer Schulze
(Jüttners bookstore)
Tel. 03943 - 69110
Fax 03943 - 691144