Harz National Park

In 2006 the 'Higher Harz' national park and the 'Harz' national park merged forming the 'Harz' National Park as we know it today. The combined protected area now covers more than 24,000 hectares bridging 6 different vegetation categories due to its consistent incline from the foothills to it's highest peak, the Brocken.

The national park has so much to offer. Guided walks through the Harz, themed adventure tours such as 'around the Brocken' or 'in the Brocken Garden', exhibitions and events in the National Park buildings, special arts and cultural events, public walks and arranged tours for groups are just examples of the wide range of things to do.

The staff of the visitor centres at the Experience Nature Centre in Drei Annen Hohne, the National Park House in Schierke or at the Brockenhaus on the Brocken summit are always availiable to give tips and information regarding the Harz National Park.

The National Park Authority is located in Wernigerode.


Nationalparkverwaltung Harz
Lindenallee 35
38855 Wernigerode
Tel. 03943 - 5502-0
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