The Brocken Train Line

The Brocken railway line is one of three lines that make up the Harz Mountains narrow gauge train lines (HSB). The others are the Selketal (Selke Valley) line and the Across Harz line.

The HSB is the longest network of narrow gauge train lines in Germany at over 140km length. On their routes the steam locomotives cross the Harz mountains. They travel from Wernigerode to Nordhausen (across Harz line), from Drei Annen Hohne to the top of the Brocken mountain (Brocken line) and from Quedlinburg through the Selke valley to the Eisfelder valley mill in the Harz mountains (Selke valley line).

The Brocken line has been running in the summer months since 1898. Following damage from the 2nd world war and the subsequent division of Germany, the service on the Brocken line was discontinued until after its reunification. From 1991 the steam locomotives began to travel regularly once again to the Brocken, the highest peak in Harz.

The Harz narrow gauge railways maintain a scheduled daily service reaching over 40 stations and stopping points. There are 25 steam trains dedicated to the tourist routes throughout the Harz mountains and on the Brocken mountain itself. The oldest, a Mallet Locomotive from 1897 is still available for public use at special events. On request groups may book special trips with steam locomotives.

Travelling on the train with a wheelchair is possible during the summer months. In the case of travelling with a wheelchair please register your journey with the HSB customer service (Tel. 03943 - 5580) one to two days before you wish to travel. Lifting devices to assist boarding are available at the following train stations: Wernigerode main train station, Drei Annen Hohne & Brocken.


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