German Half-Timbered Streets trail

The route of the "German Half-timbered Streets Trail" spans 2,800 kilometres across Germany and of course includes Wernigerode with it's plethora of half-timbered houses.

Visit our famous town hall in the town square, the smallest house in Koch street, the crooked house in Market street, the oldest house in the 'Heideviertel' district or the Vienna Cafe in Breite Strasse as just some examples. There are further beautiful half-timbered buildings, such as the Gadenstedtsche house to be found in 'Oberpfarrkirchhof'.

Almost every house in the old town of Wernigerode illustrates this type of building style. In 1990 the "German Half-timbered Streets Trail" was brought into being by towns containing many such buildings. The concern being that the public understand the cultural significance of half-timbered buildings.

For questions regarding the German Half-timbered Streets Trail, or if you wish to stay in the medieval town of Wernigerode itself, please contact us.


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