Oranier Route

Since 1429 Wernigerode has belonged to the successive Lords of the family of Stolberg- Wernigerode . Due to the marriage of Juliana of Stolberg to William of Nassau-Dillenburg, who is an ancestor of the present-day Dutch Royal Family, Wernigerode has become part of the 'Orange trail'.

This tourist route 2,400 kilometers long travels through German and Dutch cities which share historical ties to the House of Orange-Nassau. At many points along the Orange Trail one can discover the history and culture of today's Dutch royal family.

A 16th century portrait of Juliana of Stolberg can be found in the banquet hall of Wernigerode Castle. The castle displays a good overview of the female lineage of the Dutch royal house and has thus earned its place along the Orange route.

We are glad to assist you in planning the Wernigerode section of your journey along the Orange trail. We can arrange and book accommodation and any other tourist services required to help you plan your visit.

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