Romanesque Road

On the Romanesque Road within Saxony-Anhalt there are 80 buildings in 65 different cities and towns. Unfortunately, due to a number of fires within the town, there remain only a few Romanesque buildings in Wernigerode.

The St. John's church and the basement of the Wernigerode Castle are two such examples. After the Imperial Palace in Goslar and Falkenstein Castle, the Romanesque vaults in Wernigerode Castle® are one of the largest surviving examples of secular Romanesque architecture in the Harz.

Tours are regularly held in the vaulted basement for the public. Further Romanesque buildings in the immediate area of Wernigerode are the former Benedictine nunnery in Drubeck, the former Cistercian monastery Michaelstein at Blankenburg and the monastery church in Ilsenburg.


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