Pilgrimage "Via Romea"

On his journey to Rome in 1236 the abbot Albert of Stade made a detailed description in his travel records of the trail he took. Because of the Stade itinerary we can reconstruct the route and follow in his footsteps.

In Saxony-Anhalt the pilgrimage of Via Romea of Hornburg makes it's way through Osterwieck, Wernigerode and Hasselfelde to Nordhausen in Thuringen. This section of the Rome journey offers pilgrims a varied cultural experience and beautiful natural landscape of the Harz mountains and foothills.

Along the pilgrimage trail is the Pope Clemens Memorial Church in Hornburg, a natural landmark, called 'castle gate', which marks what was formerly the "border" between East & West Germany. Other interesting features of the trail include the St. Stephani church in Osterwieck, the well-known medieval pilgrimage town of Wasserleben, the Chapel of St. Georgii and Wernigerode town hall. As it winds through the Harz mountains the Via Romea pilgrimage trail follows the historical roads of the "German emperors and kings". It also passes through the town of Elbingerode, past the ruined palace at Bodfeld before the walker reaches Hasselfelde. From there it goes on to Stiege where there is an attractive, partly restored castle overlooking the lake where afternoon teas are served before the trail takes you further on to Nordhausen.

In early 2009 the friends of the 'Rome pilgrimage of Abbot Albert of Stade eV' was founded in Hornburg. Wernigerode Tourism GmbH is a founding member and has been working for the interests and the goals of the association.


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