Below is some information about activities in Wernigerode and its surrounds that are accessible for those who are restricted in their mobility, are using a wheelchair, are visually impaired or have other special needs.

Guided Tours and Themed Tours
Just about all of our guided tours and themed tours are accessible for people with disabilities.

Rides on the tourist train to Wernigerode Castle

The Wernigerode tourist train and castle train both take wheelchairs and also offer sightseeing tours of the town of Wernigerode.

Rides on the Harz Narrow Gauge Steam Railway
A ride on the Harz narrow gauge railway is also possible for wheelchair users thanks to a lifting device inside the door. Please register with the HSB at least 2 days in advance if you wish to travel on the train with a wheelchair.

Public Gardens with Miniature Park "Little Harz"
The Public Gardens are fully accessible as is the Miniature Park "Little Harz", making them both ideal destinations for visitors with disabilities.

Museums in Wernigerode
In our museum overview you can find information about accessibility to each individual museum.

Loan of wheelchairs
The care facility "Love in Wernigerode" lends wheelchairs to visitors and tourists. Further information is available directly from "Love in Wernigerode".

Holiday Dialysis Centre Wernigerode
Dialysis patients do not have to stay at home. The "Dialysis Center Wernigerode" can treat visitors and tourists during their stay in Wernigerode and Harz.