Hiking in Harz

The "Harzer Wandernadel"

The 'Harzer Wandernadel' is a unique project that unites the Harz mountains across its 3 state borders. At 222 remarkable destinations throughout the Harz you will find stamping stations set up at forest restaurants, shelters and lookout points. At these stamping stations the hiker can add a stamp to his or her walking passport.

A bronze, silver or gold medal can be attained depending on how many stamps you have collected on your journey. Particularly ambitious hikers who collect all 222 stamps in their hiking passport may be knighted and crowned 'Hiking King' or 'Hiking Queen'.

There are hiking badges available for adults and children alike on other routes such as the "Harzer Witches Climb", "Harz Borders" trail and "Goethe in Harz" which follows the places the famous German author and poet Goethe visited within the wander nadel trail. The stamp passport can be acquired from us in the tourist information centre or in our online shop.

The Harz Monasteries Trail

The Harz Monasteries Trail invites you to discover the monasteries on the northern edge of the Harz mountains. At about 64 kilometers in length, the route leads along beautiful wilderness trails from Wendhusen monastery near Thale to the monastery Grauhof in Goslar. Stops include Monastery "Michael Stone" at Blankenburg, the former convent "Heaven's Gates" in Wernigerode, monastery Drubeck, monastery Ilsenburg and the monastery Wöltingerode at Vienenburg.

The Harz monastery trail opens up a picturesque landscape and affords beautiful views of the Harz mountains. Apart from the convent "Heaven's Gates" in Wernigerode, cultural and historical treasures can be seen in all the other monasteries along the way. The Harz monastery trail is also well suited to those travelling by bicycle in the Harz.

The tourist information office in Ilsenburg is the point of contact for questions regarding the Harz monastery trail.

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Harzer Borderland Trail on the Green Belt

The border between what was formerly East and West Germany runs nearly 100 kilometres through the Harz mountains from Rhoden at Osterwieck to the "Border Land Museum" at Tettenborn in Bad Sachsa. Diverse wilderness and cultural experiences are to be had on the Harz borders hiking trails many of which were former convoy trails used by the border troops. This is evidenced in a guard tower at Rhodes and border fortifications in the "Border Land Museum" at Sorge.

The Harz portion of the former federal border is marked with the "Green Belt" logo as it forms part of the "Green Belt" which is the remaining natural buffer zone extending from Northern Europe to Southern Europe where the iron curtain once fell. Packages are on offer which enable you to walk the trail while the tour operator drives your luggage on to meet you at your next destination.

More information about the Harzer Borderland Trail.

The Harz Witches Trail

The Harz Witches Trail crosses the Harz over a total of 97 kilometres from east to west. Beginning at Thale in the Bode valley and travelling through Altenbrak, Treseburg, Rübeland and Königshütte it ascends the highest peak in Harz, the Brocken. Over Torfhaus, past Altenau and Clausthal-Zellerfeld, the trail leads to the western end of Harz, Osterode. Between Altenbrak and Königshütte the walker is presented with two route alternatives. One may also decide to bypass the Brocken if they wish.

This long distance hiking trail combines scenic highlights of both wildlife and culture. On its way from Drei Annen Hohne to the Brocken summit, the trail touches on the district of Schierke. From Wernigerode the Harz Witches' Trail can be accessed via the Steinnerne Renne valley or Thumkuhlen valley.


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