Cycling and Mountain Biking Tours

Around Wernigerode and the edge of Harz there are cycling and mountain biking trails ranging from easy to extremely difficult. There is a well-developed network of cycle paths in the relatively flat Harz foothills providing relaxed cycling to Ilsenburg, Halberstadt or Blankenburg. Along these paths very interesting tourist destinations can be visited, such as the monastery in Drübeck, Ilsenburg castle and the monastery and castle at Blankenburg. A ride through the Harz foothills provides continuous views of the Brocken and the Harz mountains.

Some cycling trail suggestions are:

Bike ride "Around Wernigerode"
Length 47.5 km
Wernigerode - Benzingerode - Silstedt - Minsleben - Reddeber - Darlingerode - Hasserode - Drei Annen Hohne - Nöschenrode - Christianental wildlife park - Wernigerode Castle

Bike ride "The Harz Mix-Tour"
Length 29 km
Wernigerode - Monastery Michaelstein (Blankenburg) - Volkmarskeller - Eggeröder Fountain - Schaubergwerk Büchenberg - Wernigerode

Bike ride "The Harz-Forest-Tour"
Length 24 km
Wernigerode - Drei Annen Hohne - Plessenburg - Ilsetal - Ilsenburg - Hasserode - Wernigerode

Bike ride "The Short Harz Foothills Tour "
Length 25 km
Wernigerode - Darlingerode - Drübeck- Ilsenburg - Groves Mill - Veckenstedt - Charlottenlust - Wernigerode

Bike ride "The Great Harz Foothills Tour"
Length 60 km
Wernigerode - Silstedt - Derenburg - Mahndorf - Halberstadt - Langenstein - Blankenburg - Wernigerode

For the more adventurous biker who is not satisfied with the Harz foothills there are challenging mountain biking trails up in the mountains of the Harz National Park. Mountain biking to the Brocken, Harz's highest peak, requires great stamina and skill. The view from the Brocken plateau, however, will help you quickly forget your aches and pains.

Mountain Bike Trail "Small Ilsestein Trail"
Length 22.7 km, duration about 2 hours
Ilsenburg - Ilsetal - Ilsestein - Plessenburg - Stempelsbuche - Großes Sandtal - Ilsenburg

Mountain Bike Trail "Ilsenburg Cliff Trail"
Length 26 km, duration about 2 hours
Ilsenburg - Ilsestein - Plessenburg - Stern - Zeterklippen - Stempelsbuche - Scharfenstein - Großes Sandtal - Ilsenburg

Mountain Bike Trail "Hohnekamm Trail"
Length 27.4 km, duration about 2 hours
Drei Annen Hohne - Oberer Hohneweg - Stern - Zetterklippen - Stern - Spinne - Drei Annen Hohne

Mountain Bike Trail "Up to the Brocken"
Length 29 km, duration about 2 hours
Drei Annen Hohne - Spinne - Brockenkinder - Brocken - Hirtenstieg - Stempelsbuche - Molkenhaus - Oberer Hohneweg - Drei Annen Hohne

Mountain Bike Trail "Summit Circle"
Length 40.5 km, duration 2 to 3 hours
Schierke - Brocken - Scharfenstein - Eckerstausee - Torfhaus - Dreieckiger Pfahl - Schierke

The cycling and mountain biking trails suggested above are taken from the "Mountain Biking & Cycling in the Harz" brochure created by the town of Wernigerode in conjunction with the Harz National Park. The brochure can be ordered in our online shop.


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