Passenger Train Rides to the Castle

In Wernigerode there are two passenger services operating; the Wernigerode tourist train and the Wernigerode castle train. These services both travel to Wernigerode Castle via different routes.

The Wernigerode tourist train's starting point is in Market street, directly behind the town hall. From there it travels to the castle departing every 20 minutes during the summer months and every 40 minutes during the winter months. The tourist train also does regular tours of the town centre.

The Wernigerode castle railway runs from the parking area "Anger/Schloss" to the castle. Further stops along the way include the "Old Chapel" in Gustav-Petri Strasse and one very close to the beautiful façade of the Krummelschen house, in Breiten Strasse. The castle train runs every 25 minutes in summer and every 30 minutes in winter. From May to October the castle train also offers trips to the guest house 'Armeleuteberg'.

Both of the above passenger services only travel to Wernigerode Castle during the castle's opening times. The exact departure times can be found on the tourist train and the castle train websites. In adverse weather conditions, in particular snowy and icy conditions, the passenger services may be cancelled.

Special journeys for groups may be arranged, for example, directly from your place of accommodation to the train station or to other excursion points in and around Wernigerode.


Both passenger services provide ramps so that 1 wheelchair may board each train. Additional collapsible wheelchairs may be taken on board depending on the number of passengers. There is a very steep incline from the train's final stop at the base of the castle to the castle entrance and terrace area. The castle itself is not wheelchair accessible.


Wernigeröder Bimmelbahn (Tourist train)
Marktstraße 9
38855 Wernigerode
Tel. 03943 - 604000
Fax 03943 - 633885

Wernigeröder Schloßbahn (Castle train)
Breite Straße 70
38855 Wernigerode
Tel. 03943 - 606000
Fax 03943 - 606161