Winter Sports in Wernigerode

Whether tobogganing, ice skating, ski jumping, downhill or cross-country skiing, anything is possible during a winter holiday in the Harz Mountains. Situated on the northern edge of the Harz mountains Wernigerode is the perfect starting point for all your winter sport activities.

In Schierke, a district of Wernigerode, there is an extensive network of trails for cross country skiing. An overview and the latest information on snow & trail conditions can be found on the Schierke website.

Other winter sport facilities in the district include skating at the rink, several sledding runs, winter hiking trails and snowshoe hikes through the snowy Harz mountains. An overview of places where you can borrow winter sports equipment such as sleds and skis can also be found on the Schierke website.

Wernigerode offers the following winter sports:

Cross-country Skiing
Urban forest trail, length approximately 10 km
The trail is accessed at the ranger's area near the 'Armeleuteberg' guest house. The trail is groomed up to a snow depth of 25 centimeters after which it is closed. Information about the snow & trail conditions can be obtained at the town forestry department in Wernigerode. Wernigerode town forestry department, Tel. 03943 - 654-822, stadtforst(at)

Downhill / Alpine Skiing
Zwölfmorgental Wernigerode 100 meter slope with a new ski lift and a ski jump.
Information about operating times of the lift system at Zwölfmorgental and the snow conditions can be obtained through the Wernigerode Ski Club.

Sledding Runs
There are several places for sledding in Wernigerode, one of the most loved being the run at Zwölfmorgental.

Ski Jumping
Wernigerode has at its disposal a ski jump in Zwölfmorgental; events, training times and opening times can be obtained from the Wernigerode Ski Club.

Winter Sports Equipment Rental
Many hotels, guest houses, holiday home owners and apartments lend their guests winter sport equipment such as skis and sleds.

Public lenders of winter sports equipment in Wernigerode and Schierke include:

Zweirad John
Zaunwiese 2
38855 Wernigerode
Tel. 03943 - 633294

Schierker Baude
Barrenberg 18
38879 Wernigerode / Ortsteil Schierke
Tel. 039455 - 8630

Ferienanlage "Zum Wildbach"
Barrenberg 15 f
38879 Wernigerode / Ortsteil Schierke
Tel. 039455 - 589970

Ausleihstation Riemenschneider
am Geschäft Stöbereck
Brockenstraße 14 a
38879 Wernigerode / Ortsteil Schierke
Tel. 039455 - 409